Programme Structure

Duration: 1 academic year for full-time dedication, or 2 academic years for part-time dedication. These are the estimates provided

  1. you do not need complementary coursework (levelling courses), and
  2. you start in September (Autumn intake). Those starting on February (Spring intake) will need an extra semester.

Total: 60 ECTS credits. Check the definition of ECTS credits here.

Mandatory contents: 15 ECTS credits (courses) + Master Thesis: 12 ECTS credits = 27 ECTS credits.

Optional contents: 33 ECTS credits out of an offer of 45 ECTS credits

IMPORTANT: The grid below shows the sequence for the 2024-25 course. Minor changes to the sequence will be introduced to the 2025-26 course.

A1 and A2 courses are offered only in the Autumn semester, while B1 and B2 courses are offered only in the Spring semester. 

Class schedules: All the mandatory courses are offered in the time slot from 15:00h to 21:00h. The elective courses are also mainly offered in that same slot, although few of them will occupy the time slot from 12:00h to 14:00h.